Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to work

Well, it's been a while since I had much to report. But the biggest new is that I'm back to work, at least for light duty. I haven't been given the full green light, but I am working on light duty for now and am in my 3rd week of being back to work. I feel bad that I haven't posted this before now, mostly because it's a pretty big step from before.
I found out on the thursday before president's day and was told to report for work tuesday morning. Yet I had no idea what I would be doing. All weekend I couldn't help but wonder what I was going to be doing. I told my Lt. that I felt like I'd just gotten a new job but didn't know what it was! I'm working in Professional Standards and helping with the department's accreditation. It's hard to explain what the overall project is, but it'll suffice to say that I've got plenty to work on, and the stuff we do affects every aspect of the HPD. It's not super exciting, and it's a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm in a little office with some really good people. They're fun and have been really nice to work with. They even went so far as to get me my own little cubicle even though my help will only be temporary (I hope!)
I'm supposed to have another dr appt. before the end of this month. I'm really hoping I'll get a green light to be back in the jail. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I think that's it for now.

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